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Common Sense Commentary on Taylor Prophecy, Cont’d

Common Sense Commentary on Taylor Prophecy, Cont’d

Note that he doesn’t dwell much on the significance of the Triple Crown winner and its symbolism – American Pharoah, an intentional misspelling of the word, Pharaoh. What does this signify if prophetic?

Taylor also conveniently misinterprets Jesus words and actions in Scripture, applying them to Trump. Yes, Jesus railed against the hypocrisy of His day. But, he never lied, insulted, made derisive remarks about people, displayed lack of compassion, or the multiple other character deficiencies that Trump showed, particularly during the primaries.

As for Trump being God’s anointed – If Trump is a Cyrus, he does not fit the mold or the time. But, perhaps comparative metaphors don’t need to extend so far, because many prophetic people have made the comparison.

As far as the US not being under judgment – this disagrees with almost every high level prophet, that is, those prophets who have seen and interacted face to face with the Lord and/or with His angels. It is also contrary to good, common sense. It also appears to be contrary to Sadhu’s short explanation of his prophecy that Trump will be President, and under what circumstances, above.