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Common Sense Commentary on Terry Bennett’s 25 Points, cont’d

Common Sense Commentary on Terry Bennett’s 25 Points, cont’d

It may be that Donald Trump becomes President, defends the Constitution, and delays the process of judgment on America. It may be that Clinton becomes President and becomes Obama, figuratively speaking. It may be that Obama delays the election and seeks to continue his Presidency under the guise of some “crisis.” (Again, see Glenda Jackson commentary, above). Then, these events will play out immediately. Nothing is certain in the short term, but depends on the prayer and response of the people of God (Jeremiah 18).

What is more probable is that this process of events may play out, largely in order, at some point in America’s future, under some President. The timing, intensity, and partial or full fulfillment of the events depends on the prayer and repentance of God’s people and the nation in general. The events can be lessened or changed.

According to Terry’s own words, Donald Trump could be the very best thing for our nation right now. If anyone else inhabits the White House after November, the chaos and destruction that comes on America will come with increasing speed.

For more on Terry’s own commentary concerning these points, see the Tru-News podcast link above, The Lord Deals Satan A “Trump” Card, under Election Prophecies. 11/01/16