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CS Commentary on John Paul’s 33 Predictions

CS Commentary on John Paul’s 33 Predictions

…events forward that will not take place for many years. There is also the nature of the prophetic call and experience, which does not primarily have to do with timing, but with the responsibility to warn God’s people and call them to repentance. This is contrary to predictive timing that might be rooted in the experience of those more commonly known as “wise men.” The incorrect nature of timing in prophetic people is not so much a ‘mistake’ as it is a ‘mis-characterization.’ Timing may not be rooted in the nature and parameters of their call and purpose.

Some CS comments on some of the predictions:

Prediction 1 – According to John Paul, in 2007 he predicted that Mubarak would fall in Egypt and that as a result Egypt will turn into a terrorist state. Mubarak was removed from the Presidency in 2011, spent some time in prison, and was just released in late March of 2017. Egypt is currently under the rule of Sisi, somewhat friendly to the US, and has not yet turned into a terrorist state, though the history of Radical Islam, particularly relative to the Muslim Brotherhood, has its origins in Egypt, so one could see this occurring at some point in the future.

11 – Earthquakes Are Going To Change The Tilt of the Earth/The Earth’s axis has been changed already by recent earthquakes. This link addresses tilt of the earth on its axis from a general standpoint. It varies through time. According to this article, the earth’s axis is shifting due to melting ice. It makes no mention of earthquakes.

According to Wikipedia, earth’s axial tilt is currently 23.4 degrees, and has not significantly changed over the last decade (Note to prophetic people: at least consult Wikipedia before making your declarations). As this article – and others – note, current earthquakes, though they may cause minute changes in axial shift (and this is normal) – do not presently cause significant changes in the earth’s axis, so a future quake or quakes that do would be a major change or disruption. And contrary to what John Paul implies here, a half a degree change in the axis of the earth is normal (“Earth’s obliquity oscillates between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees on a 41,000-year cycle”, Wikipedia).

John Paul does not predict a major change in the earth’s axis due to earthquakes here, so the import and impact of this particular prophecy is unclear though the main intent of it appears to be to emphasize a change in the jet-stream that will lead to a fissure in the earth’s surface that will lead to the earth’s atmosphere being affected by the rays of the sun that will then lead to a global or continental shut down of systems.

26 – Obama was not assassinated so the danger of this prediction would seem to have passed, at least during his time as President. This prophecy illustrates the degree to which many prophecies are contingent and affected, or at least delayed, as the people of God respond and pray.

31 – Large churches will file bankruptcy because they won’t be able to make payments. This seems to dovetail right along with the ‘NFL Stadiums being empty’ prophecy and so seems to refer to a time of major economic crisis in the US. Why will large churches empty? There could be many reasons economic or social. However, since large churches attract the affluent and those with money there is likely some combined societal/economic crisis that precipitates it. Again, this is ‘apocalyptic’ in nature, and so, CS believes, refers to a time that will quickly lead into the true end times, and therefore is likely at least twenty years away from 2017 – unless specific critical events occur that escalate the timeline. So far, that has not happened, particularly since Trump was elected in late 2016.

32 – The Church must learn how to contend for The Faith again…We understand little of the Adversary’s plans.

33 – Jeremiah 30: We are in a time like ‘Jacob’s Trouble.’ Psalms 24 is for those of us in Jacob’s Troubles.