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CS Commentary on John Paul’s ‘Headlines From Heaven’

CS Commentary on John Paul’s ‘Headlines From Heaven’

…the initial revelation and separates it out from his interpretation. Early on, he admits he does not know the timing of the events, whether they will come before “2020” or after.

CS Prophecy takes a different and somewhat unpopular tack from many in the prophetic community on timing, a perspective not based on revelation or a supernatural event/communication, but on experience with prophetic people, phenomena, and experiences since 1989 and Holy Spirit led analysis: we believe that many future prophetic events being discussed or declared in the present season are not likely to begin to unfold in the United States and the world for another 20 years, that is, sometime beginning around 2037.

This view is a result of experience and Holy Spirit ‘intuition’ – and we believe it to have a high probability of correctness – and dovetails with comments made in the past by Sadhu Selvaraj, who stated that the final countdown for end time events would begin around this time, and with other comments he has made indicating that the return of Jesus should take place sometime before 2067. Both of these statements/prophecies appear under Sadhu’s links, elsewhere on this site.

Why is CS’s stance on interpretation unpopular? For many reasons, but the main one may be that many in the prophetic community unconsciously want to justify their revelation and prophetic words by implying immediate or near fulfillment or by pointing to the unfolding signs of fulfillment. There may also be ministry and lay leaders who, albeit unconsciously, need to justify their teachings or life’s work and ministry by implying near-term fulfillment. This is human and understandable and backing away from this into a more mature detachment from the validation of the prophetic – as John Paul demonstrates in this video, and as he demonstrated much of the time later in his life – takes time and maturity.

As to timing of the events discussed in this video, note that several main events are highlighted. According to John Paul, the Tokyo volcanic event does not happen until after a future Mount Saint Helens event (there are also at least 2 warning stages preceding the Tokyo event). A Northwestern earthquake and volcanic eruption in the United States has been prophesied for years now by different Prophetic voices, including and especially Terry Bennett. As of 2017, this has not yet taken place. The last eruption there took place on May 18, 1980. A future eruption that will result in many deaths has been prophesied for the future.

According to John Paul in this video, the Tokyo volcanic eruption will be much worse. This article, written two years after this video, confirms John Paul’s prophetic word, putting the estimate of potential deaths from a volcanic event at exactly what he predicts, and also confirms that Mount Fuji is indeed active again in the present day.

Another event that John Paul mentions, ‘NFL Postpones All Games Until Answers Found,’ confirms a recurring word from Paul Cain of over twenty years ago in which he prophesied that NFL Stadiums would remain empty because of cancelled games, but churches would use the empty stadiums to hold healing and evangelistic events where God would do great healing and miracles through an anonymous generation. Other of these headlines, like ‘Cyber-attacks Cripple Grid’ have also been confirmed by other prophetic voices, this one particularly by Terry Bennett, and others.

Another timing clue headline may be ‘Loss of Identity – the Cost To Belong To the New Euro Community’. This sounds like the preliminary to the dividing of nations into Sheep and Goat nations that many prophetic voices have spoken about, with the Euro community being part of the ‘Goats’ and the forerunner of the Anti-Christ kingdom.

Some of the other Headlines he lists: ‘Demand for Classic Seeds Skyrockets.’ ‘Derivative Panic Hits Global Markets.’ ‘Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating Inflation Woes.’ ‘Sysco And Kraft Consider Guards On Delivery Trucks As Food Nears 40% Of The Family Budget.’ ‘The New Face of Robin Hood: Flash Mobs Loot Rich Neighborhoods.’

At present, CS Prophecy believes that most of these events will take place after a great judgment is rained upon America that will be a response to America’s betrayal of Israel and will be largely defined by an earthquake that will physically split America in two at the Mississippi River. This event has been independently prophesied by Sadhu Selvaraj, Neville Johnson, Terry Bennett, and others, and CS Prophecy believes that such an event is probably at least twenty years away from 2017.

However, any single event, for example like a great earthquake or volcanic eruption in the Northwest, a series of crises, or another great economic crisis, could indicate a speeding up of the timeline. In fact, at least John Paul Jackson and Terry Bennett have both prophesied a coming Perfect Storm that will lead to the unfolding of many of these scenarios.