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Neville Johnson on 2017: Signs of the Times

Neville Johnson on 2017: Signs of the Times

Neville Johnson, The Living Word, January 2017

Note: These are highlights in summary form taken from a recent article, Signs of the Times, by Neville Johnson of Living Word Academy in Australia. The entire article can be accessed here.

According to Neville:

It is up to you and me to press in and take hold, by faith, that which has been released to us in this new major season. We need a fresh commitment and a deeper level of sanctification in order to move on to the new day.

This year on November 13th there was a phenomenon rarely seen which appeared in the sky. According to NASA, this rare occurrence of a super moon marked the closest a full super moon has been to earth in almost 68 years.

Actually the last super moon was last seen in 1948 the year Israel became a nation. And the 1948 great move of God began in the Church. This in itself is extremely significant. Israel became a nation in 1948 and the Church entered an unprecedented season of power evangelism. This saw the rise of great ministries such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, William Branham, T L Osbourne and many others. This became known as the 1948 great move of God…

  • That shift that occurred in the world and the Church in 1948 [the Charismatic Movement, power-evangelism, and the rise of great leaders like Billy Graham] is about to happen again – this time at least seven times greater.
  • We need to remember that birthing is painful and messy. No new move of God is without some seemingly crazy things happening.
  • Make room for the unusual to start happening, we have not been this way before.
  • The nations of the world will see major change, this has already begun with the UK exiting the European Union triggering a chain reaction which is still occurring. There is a forming of a one world government headed by the European Union and the United Nations.
  • Both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama will seek to manipulate the UN in order to gain influence, seeking to establish their agenda. The present Pope will also be a major player in this.
  • Regarding the grace of God that was extended to grant more time for the Church to get its act together and walk in righteousness, this extension has been closed. Judgment will begin at the house of the lord.
  • God will have a pure Church, walking in the character and purity of the Lord Himself. The cleansing of the Church is now on Gods agenda. God will have a Church walking in purity and righteousness.
  • The time of easy grace is coming to an end…Using the grace of God as an excuse to walk in unrighteousness will be judged.
  • God has as it were played His trump card (pun not intended) putting His man [Trump] into office in order to save the nation. This does not mean America will have a smooth ride, there are very difficult times ahead for America.
  • There is a great shift and a realigning of the nations. The goat nations are realigning and starting to separate from the sheep nations see Mat 25:32-33.
  • There is a shifting and realignment of the world’s monetary systems which will be a trigger for the true Joseph ministries to arise with an enormous transfer of wealth which will birth a new Kingdom Economy in direct opposition to the Antichrist system.
  • Much of what God had given us in the past was for this season. This shift will see words coming to pass that were given many years ago. Many real and powerful prophetic words which were given during the Charismatic Move of God which ended in the mid-seventies; will start now to unfold in this new season. Get ready change is on the way.
  • After 40 long years in the wilderness the time had come to move on. Likewise, the time to cross over to the new day has come.
  • This shift will now open up the way for us to break away from the pull of this earth on our lives, enabling us to walk with the Lord in heavenly places.
  • We will see much greater frequencies of earthquakes as the plates beneath us continue to collide. In the last two weeks we have seen earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. Drought continue to increase in many nations along with famines on a scale we have not seen before, most of which never reach the media. This shift in nature will increase, we will see some very wild weather along with earthquakes and tsunamis which will cause vast numbers of people to turn to the Lord for help. This will continue to sweep a harvest of souls into the Kingdom Of God.
  • In this new season we are going to see a very real shift in power. Power struggles among leadership in governments and nations will escalate. There will be struggle in the UN as Barrack Obama seeks to hold a controlling position the UN, he along with the Clintons will try to manipulate the situation in order to gain a controlling influence in the UN.
  • God is about to empower the true Church with such authority that has never been seen in the Church eclipsing even what the early Church experienced, in fact seven times greater.
  • What is quaintly called by many Philips Transport [the bodily translation of the evangelist Phillip in Acts], will become very common as God empowers His people to preach the gospel all over the world. Whole teams will be supernaturally transported all over the world to preach the gospel of the Kingdom with truly amazing signs and wonders. As the pull of this earth on His people decreases many will have access to and walk in Heavenly Places. The veil between the Church on earth and the Church in heaven will become so thin that encounters with the cloud of witnesses will be come to be seen as normal.


Common Sense Commentary: Many of Neville’s previous annual prophetic words have only begun to come true at this time. This prophetic word, as his previous ones, should be viewed as a series of processes in the spiritual which are just beginning to impact the natural world and the church. As such, expect to see the seeds of this word take shape in 2017. Neville’s word is addressing a new season which is only just beginning and will continue to take shape and unfold over the next seven to ten years and more. Note that there are also qualifiers to the word: it is meant for those who press in to a deeper level of commitment and sanctification and who exercise faith to take hold of the word. The Church is still in a birthing process, and like any birth, should expect some unusual and messy occurrences.