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Ransomeware Attack, Jim Bakker, CS Commentary cont’d

Ransomeware Attack, Jim Bakker, CS Commentary cont’d

the ideas will now be floating around the charismatic-prophetic community.

The white horse depicted in Revelation 6:2 is generally thought to be symbolic for small kings, typified by an anti-Christ spirit, and ultimately, perhaps, the Anti-Christ himself. Note that Bakker’s interpretation and warning hinges on revelation he says that he received in 1999, so he’s projecting his interpretation of Revelation from that prophetic experience. Also note that the book of Revelation had to have meaning in the first century – it was written to the seven churches of that time. As almost all prophecies it does have meaning for its time but also speaks to another time in the future. Also, John, in his later epistles said that the anti-Christ spirit is in the world today, that is, during his time.

CS does not dispute that cyber-attacks may be part of a developing WWIII or that we are in the End Times today (indeed, we have been in them since at least the book of Acts, see Acts 2). What we dispute is the panicky mode of operation that encourages believers to take erroneous actions in the present, when the real end times period may still be 20 or 30 years or more away. Caveat Emptor.

Always be wary of someone urging you to take immediate action on something. That said, yes, continue to wisely act and prepare and live as if the present is the End Times, for certainly there are.