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Interpretation, in general

Purifying the Prophetic, Loren Sanford (a must read for a sober view of prophetic culture)

How to Read the Bible for all It’s Worth, Fee and Stuart (best lay book on Bible interpretation)

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Klein, Bloomberg, Hubbard (academic)

Interpreting the Parables, Bloomberg (academic)

The Climax of Prophecy, Richard Bauckham (academic, on symbolism in Revelation)


Dream Interpretation

3 Level Dream Interpretation Course, by John Paul Jackson/Streams Ministries; Note: Streams just added a 4th level

Understanding Dreams, Doug Addison (includes dream symbol dictionary)

God, Dreams, and Revelation, Morton Kelsey

Dreams: A Way to Listen to God, Morton Kelsey

Dream Interpretation, Riffel

Windows of the Soul, a look at dreams and their meanings, Meier and Wise (psychological perspective)


Dream Symbolism and Vocabulary

Interpreting the Symbols and Types, Connor

Number in Scripture, Bullinger

Biblical Numerology, Davis

Dream Dictionary, John Paul Jackson/Doug Addison


General Prophetic

The Elijah Task, John Sanford

Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing, McIntyre (about the dangers of psychological projection)

The Veiled Ploy, John Paul Jackson (about the Jezebel Spirit)

The Gift of Prophecy in the NT and Today, Grudem (essential, but it’s approach is flawed)


Essential Classics

Surprised by the Power of the Holy Spirit, Jack Deere (apologetic for the supernatural)

Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire, Michael L. Brown (apologetic for the prophetic and renewal)

Being Led by the Spirit of God, Kenneth Hagin Sr.

(Almost anything on the gift of prophecy or office of prophet written by Kenneth Hagin Sr.)

Restoring the Christian Soul through Healing Prayer, Leanne Payne (the believer’s battle)

Surprised by the Voice of God, Jack Deere (apologetic on hearing God)

Prophecy in Early Christianity and the Ancient Mediterranean World, David Aune (academic)

Love Your God With All Your Mind, J.P. Moreland (contending for the faith)

Art of Rhetoric, Aristotle (to help you understand how NT books were structured and written)