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Sadhu Selvaraj ‘Run Fast’

Sadhu Selvaraj ‘Run Fast’

The Word of the Lord came to me: “Where Nimrod failed in the past, the next Antichrist with the spirit of Nimrod will succeed in this last days.” But how is he going to succeed when there are thousands of languages in the world. Though there are many languages the world over, there will come a unifying code of communication that will unite the whole world as one. How is that possible? It is through telepathic communication through the microchip that will be inserted in every person (Rev 13:16).

Today, everyone has a mobile phone. Even school going children carry mobile phones in their hands. It has become a very common tool in everybody’s hand today. But a mobile phone is useless without a SIM card. The SIM card with a microchip in it is connected to the phone company. When the SIM card is inserted into a mobile phone, it is activated for use and is connected to the phone company. From then onwards you can send and receive messages, texts, voice and video messages. It’s all because of this chip in the SIM card.

Likewise, when the chip is inserted inside you, all you need to do is think of a message or speak the message. Then the message will be wirelessly transmitted to the person to whom it is intended. The message will appear to the person right before their eyes as a text message or as an audio message, or they will see it in living colors as a video message. You may think right now, “O, this is great imagination!” It is not imagination but a reality to come.

Several decades ago there was a science fiction drama series called Star Trek. It’s about a group of space travelers who travel throughout the star systems in a huge spaceship called the USS Enterprise. Every person working in the spaceship wears a badge-like communication device affixed to their top-left chest. When they want to talk to each other, they just tap on that badge and speak. As soon as they touch and speak, they can speak directly to the intended person.

A few decades ago, such a communication device was imagination. But this will become a reality in the last days. Technology, today, is changing rapidly. A few years ago we had an ordinary SIM card. Then there was a 2G SIM card. After a while it became 3G. Now, 4G is standard. Mobile phone companies are now planning to introduce a 5G SIM card very soon.

When we first had Internet installed in our ministry in 1998, the Internet company besides fixing a phone line also gives a device called modem. You need to connect your computer to the modem. And a telephone line is connected to the modem. Whenever you want to use the Internet, your computer will connect to the modem and the modem makes weird noises while dialing to connect to the World Wide Web. After that came broadband, and the speed to connect to the Internet increased. A little later came fiber net, and speed increased drastically. Now, we have wireless—Wi-Fi. With that, you can connect to the Internet virtually anywhere using your laptop or mobile devices. Wireless technology has now become a very common and necessary part of our life.

The technology of the world is now ready for the Antichrist to use. In the next two years, technology will increase rapidly that this will become a reality. People all over the world will embrace this technology as something wonderful and marvelous.

Just before baby Jesus was born, Rome introduced a law for the census to be taken in the Roman Empire. Everybody went back to their home cities to register their names and their births (Lk 2:1-3). When the census was taken perhaps they were all given an identity card; we don’t know. But, as it was in the first century so will it be in the last days.

Another census will be conducted all over the world. A unified code of a universal number will be assigned to everyone. It will replace your identity card, social security number, passport, driving license, phone number, debit card, credit card, ATM card and passwords. This one number that will be given to you will replace everything else. Each person will be assigned a unique code. How will this unique code be formed? Each person’s retina and fingerprints will be scanned.

The data from the retina and fingerprints will be combined to form a unique code of computer generated numbers that is person specific and which cannot be hacked or duplicated. It cannot be hacked or duplicated by scammers because that number will be embedded in a chip and put in a person’s body: forehead or right hand.

Today we carry so many cards and we also have a passport for traveling purpose. Only once in my life, I have forgotten to bring by passport for travel. When I went to the airport to check-in, only then I realized that I don’t have my passport with me. So I had to forego my flight that day and catch the next flight. But when this chip comes all such worries will be gone; no need to worry about Passbook, ATM card, passport, or driving license. All this sounds very exciting and a matter of convenience. This is how deception will come. We will be deceived into thinking this is something of great technological convenience. Presently, in India, the government has demonetized two old currencies. In the midst of chaos and troubles and government ministers including the Prime Minister is advising the people to go cashless. They are urging the people to use mobile and Internet banking for convenience. Cashless society!

Over in Israel, the Israeli government has announced that it is mandatory for all Israelis to be biometrically scanned: eyes, and fingerprints. The data will be embedded in a chip, and for now, will be implanted in their new national ID cards. A few other nations in the world already has that now. Most credit and debit cards already have a microchip embedded in them.

Wow! The forerunner to the mark of the beast is already here! (Rev 13:16-18).

These are the last days. Please do not be blind any longer. Don’t be stubborn in your old thinking and beliefs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll be caught up in the rapture before the Mark of the Beast comes. It’s already here. Only one thing can save us: hiding in the Lord, praying earnestly that you will escape the wrath to come, putting your house in order, putting away everything that defiles away from you, and putting your life right before God.


Israel will be the nation that will kill the Two Witnesses who are going to come (Rev 11:7-8). As they have always done in the past by killing the prophets during biblical days, they will do it again in the last days (Matt 23:31). Why would they want to do that? Because they will align themselves together with their new messiah—the Antichrist. The Antichrist is that new political world leader who is going to come. Why would the Jewish people consider him to be their messiah? It is because he will forge peace between the Israelis and the Arabs and the rest of the world (Dan 9:27).

Presently, every Arab nation, except Jordan and Egypt, wants to destroy Israel. Especially Iran, which wants to wipe Israel off the face of the world totally. But on the other hand, Israel has been trying to make peace with the Arab leaders for the last 68 years. All their efforts have been futile till now. Even many Western, African and Asian nations are also becoming hostile towards Israel. But the New World Leader will come to bring Israel, Arab nations and the rest of the world together and make peace between them. The Arabs will once again hug Israel and accept her as their long lost brother.

When this happens, the whole of Israel will accept and embrace this world political leader as their Messiah. If today you visit Israel, you will find concrete wall-like barrier separating Palestinian land from Israel. In the coming days, these wall-like barriers will come crumbling down as how the Berlin walls came down.

To maintain the new found peace and stability in Israel, it will be the secular-minded Jews who will order the killing of the Two Witnesses. Because during the 3 ½ years ministry of the Two Witnesses, many Jews will turn back to the living true God—the Lord Jesus Christ, their true Messiah. And also the people of the many nations of the world will also turn back to the living God. That which Jezebel failed to carry out in her—beheading of the prophet Elijah (1 Kg 19:1-2), the spirit of Ashtoreth and Jezebel combined, will accomplish in the last days by killing the two end times’ witnesses.


New things are going to take place in the Church worldwide. New revelations will be given to moving in the Spirit and to walk with God like how Adam walked before he sinned. God made man in His image and in His own likeness and gave him power and authority over everything in the air, on the land, and in the sea. This means that Adam practically was like a god of this world (Ps 82:6; Jn 10:34). The whole of creation obeyed Adam. Besides the power and authority that Adam had you will also be given to walk with God by seeing and talking with Him face to face.

When the early first-century church was born, many new revelations were given to her. If you read the epistles of the apostle Paul, many new dispensations, revelations, and mysteries were given to him. They were given to him to give birth to the church.

Likewise, new understandings and revelations will be given in this last days to perfect the church. The church will begin to walk in a new high level of purity and holiness like never before. This will be the adornment for the Bride of Christ to wear (Rev 19:8). The clean and white garment signifies purity and holiness.

The end time prophetic church will move towards a new and high level of holiness, and purity. The children and youths and the whole church will begin to run like cheetahs, fly like eagles and roar like lions.

So, put on your running shoes and get ready to run fast.