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Commentary on Terry Bennett #2, as interpreted by Bailey, cont’d

Commentary on Terry Bennett #2, as interpreted by Bailey, cont’d

Even though CS disagrees overall, the posts by Bailey are helpful as a launching pad to understand how to interpret and apply what CS believes is genuine prophetic revelation from Terry Bennett.

Perhaps the most helpful comment from this entry is that according to Terry: “Each [7-Year] period will have a predominant issue beginning with economic trouble, then governmental changes, and finally the rise of a one-world religion. In all of the 21 years (from 2008-2028) [2029?] there will be some elements from all three of these areas.” In other words, as CS explained in the commentary on the post above, each of these 7-Year periods will be cumulative and continuous, bleeding over into the next until a climax is reached sometime after 2029.

According to Terry, speaking of the second 7-year period from 2015-22: “What the United States is going to go through is civil conflict [emphasis CS], civil war, and then [emphasis CS] invasion. This will greatly diminish the desire of the spirit of antichrist to take hold of this nation. So there was a side of it, particularly if we pray, that all of this would result in a blessing from the Lord to keep us from the domain of the spirit of antichrist.”

But there is a timing signpost that has not even begun to occur yet. According to Bailey, “The angel Gabriel told Terry, “When the checks from our government stop coming to the people the chaos will ensue.” In other words – when the US government can no longer afford to pay out its entitlements: disability, welfare, social security, Medicare – this is when chaos that leads to civil war and eventually invasion from foreign powers will ensue.

Another confirmation of this signpost is the progression noted above: civil conflict, civil war, then invasion. So there are three stages outlined.

At present, in early 2017, we can see a building civil unrest and conflict that has not yet begun to reach an apex or climax. We are still in the first stage. This could continue for (many) years until it reaches the second stage of true civil war. And, if the Trump Administration is successful with reforms this could delay true civil war – the second stage – for a decade or more.

From a human and financial perspective, on our current trajectory, the US will begin to have difficulty meeting the demands of its entitlements in the late 2020’s to the early 2030’s. What happens during the Trump Administration will either slow or speed this trajectory. This again points to a cumulative and continuous effect of these events – a building of weaknesses that will likely explode sometime following the end of the 21 year period in 2029, perhaps within a few years, perhaps longer.

Since Sadhu Selvaraj has speculated based on his revelation that the Lord will return before 2067, we can then identify the 37-38 year period between 2029 and 2067 as the most critical for the US and the World.

Again in this interview Terry appears to misinterpret – or misunderstand – the timing of these events (though as CS stated earlier, Terry may have and has likely changed his perspective and understanding of his revelation over time): According to him, “The great economic turmoil in the 2014-2015 year of transition will bring on these changes in government. Then there will arise a new government in Europe, which Gabriel warned me…Greece is going to want another Alexander the Great. Italy is going to want an emperor. Spain is going to want a king and queen. France is going to want another Napoleon. Satan is going to offer that to them in one person. They will say yes. Through chaos they will gain control.” Rather than something which occurs immediately, this appears to be the prelude to the Anti-Christ/Earthly Messiah coming to power, so again, rather than apply them to the 2015 transition period, we should probably be looking to the period shortly after 2029, where the cumulative effect of all of these things begins to unfold. This is confirmed by the fact that there was no great economic turmoil (following the Great Financial Crisis of 2008) that occurred in 2014-15. So, we are still looking into the future from 2017 for this to take place.

The CS view here is that the angel is describing spiritual realities that require process to fully manifest in the natural. This, accompanied with the fact that God in His mercy and compassion delays judgments relative to the actions and prayers of His people, means that the timing of some events is longer than originally may have been predicted or thought to occur. What CS agrees with fully is what Terry says at another juncture: “It [the events of the full 21-year period explained by the angel] will begin in the economic arena and then go forth into the governmental arena. Major governmental changes are going to happen in various parts of the world, particularly in Europe.”

So, economic changes will produce governmental changes which will produce religious changes as a means of solving the world’s conflicts. But CS’s view is that all of this will be a cumulative process which will build step by step and will not likely even begin to climax until the full 21-year period is up – sometime after 2029.

If it is going to happen sooner one should be able to interpret events on the ground that are ‘resetting’ the clock, as it were. For example, if the Trump Administration in America makes poor choices that result in economic upheaval that increases the debt burden and ‘resets’ the entitlement crisis clock – that would speed up the process. Or, if a major national or global crisis occurs – in some instances it may be obvious that the clock is being ‘reset.’ But, this should be readily discerned as events on the ground occur.

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