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Week of April 2, 2017 News 

Week of April 2, 2017

Note: The reader is strongly encouraged to read all three entries under the link About Prophecy, above, before reading any of the entries on this site.

Additional Suggested Preliminary Reading:
Terry Bennett’s Short Explanation of Prophecy, Terry Bennett
A Note From Terry Regarding 2015 And Prophetic Fulfillment, Terry Bennett


Three Sure Signs Of A False Apostle, Jennifer LeClaire, Charisma

Six Signs Of A Toxic Apostle, J. Lee Grady, Charisma

Prophetic Dream – ‘And That’s The Way It Is:’ Walter Cronkite Prophesies Coming Financial/Economic Explosions, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Terry Bennett #1: 21 Year Prophetic Timeframe 2008-2028, Z3 News/James Bailey

Common Sense Commentary: CS is not familiar with James Bailey and we do not agree with all of his interpretations of Terry’s work. However, he does do the Body of Christ a service in that, in this first link, he lays out the general framework of Terry’s revelation in an understandable manner. That said, there are some problems with his interpretive framework and CS does not agree with his interpretations in general, or with his interpretations of Terry’s words or interpretive work on Revelation, including what is expressed in the second link below. See here for the problems with Bailey’s analysis

Terry Bennett #2: You Will See 666, Z3 News/James Bailey

Common Sense Commentary: CS does not agree with Bailey’s interpretive framework for Terry’s revelation or Bailey’s interpretive work on the book of Revelation. CS also does not agree with Bailey’s suggestions for application of Terry’s revelations. For CS’s understanding on investment and life applications for today see, How Likely Is Hyperinflation in the US? 

See here for further problems with Bailey’s analysis of these comments by Terry.


Editor’s Choice

27 Warnings From John Paul Jackson, You Tube

Common Sense Commentary: A video compilation of warnings from the now deceased John Paul Jackson that acts as an overview and background to some other prophetic declarations. In this 15 minute video from around 2012 one can see some of the timing and interpretive issues relative to the prophetic. There was a warning that Obama might be assassinated while President which did not take place, apparently diverted because of the prayers of the Saints. There is also a warning about the weakening of the military, which John Paul felt was then currently taking place. However, one can now see that with Trump in office, this development may be pushed back for a period of time and the prophecy be for the more distant future.

There is also helpful commentary on Turkey’s eventual ascension to strength and information on Russia which helps one understand that a Russian invasion of the US will probably not take place until the third power behind Putin in Russia rises up and leads that country back on a track of strong nationalism that includes the outright bribery and manipulation of other Eastern European nations.

Judgment on the US Has Been ‘Determined’: Russia Will Invade The US, Sadhu Selvaraj

Common Sense Commentary: This 7 minute clip from 2014, around the time of the Ferguson/St. Louis racial flare-up, helps one to understand that – even though Donald Trump has now been elected – judgment for the US is still in effect and, as Sadhu says, has been “determined.” Prayer can perhaps lessen the effects and protect those who repent and pray – but it will not avert eventual judgment on the United States. According to Sadhu both Neville Johnson and Terry Bennett have confirmed the Russia invasion prophecy, having both also received word of it independently of him.

In this 15 minute link, apparently from 2014 as well, Sadhu seems to link a future Russian invasion with the US decision to divide Jerusalem, a decision that will result in the judgment of the nation itself being physically divided. Sadhu has previously described and related this fateful Middle East decision with a great earthquake in the middle of the USA that will physically split the country in half along the approximate lines of the Mississippi River. According to Sadhu in this recording, Neville Johnson also confirms the future Russian invasion.

Welcome to the 60’s – Now Is Your Time, Gina LaMorte, Elijah List

Kim Clement’s Prophecies: Trump, DOW 20,000, California Drought Over, And the DINAR, Sunil Isaac, Elijah List

Common Sense Commentary: Kim Clement passed away recently but his prophetic words still reverberate and are still applicable today. More of them can be accessed in our Archives posts in a special section that commemorates him. This post by one of his associates is mostly a good example of how to interpret prophetic riddles, however, one should be wary of investing based on any prophetic declaration. The prophecy that the Iraqi DINAR will skyrocket has been around for over a decade and some in the Body of Christ have been wounded when they invested. As Isaac points out, it will take much for the geo-political situation in the Middle East to change. Caveat Emptor. Seek the Lord independently to determine any investment actions you may take. CS has not in the past recommended, and does not presently recommend, buying the DINAR.

Tidal Wave Of Promises Coming To The Church, Joe Joe Dawson, Charisma

John Paul Jackson Interpretation of ‘Bulldozer’ Dream,, You Tube

Common Sense Commentary: A great example of the late John Paul Jackson’s dream interpretive skills and a short, basic classroom on dream interpretation. This prophetic dream seemed to predict a time that we are now in: a time of ‘refreshing’ from God in which He would send someone to bulldoze and destroy the secular plans that held the White House and the US and that were plummeting the nation towards an abyss at an alarming rate.

Sadhu Selvaraj Explains Future Technology Of ‘The Mark Of The Beast’, Sadhu Selvaraj, ‘Run Fast’, Our Finest Hour, January 2017, Volume 2, Issue 1

Neville Johnson on 2017: The Signs of the Times, Our Finest Hour, January 2017, Volume 2, Issue 1


Prophecy Related Articles and Resources

This Region of The World Being Hit By Its Worst Economic Crisis?, Michael Snyder, Charisma

Common Sense Commentary: There is so much wrong with the point of view expressed in this article, CS hardly knows where to begin. If you’re going to tell your audience that America is about to experience a crisis of this type, then you better be able to explain how the process happening in these nations is similar to the process happening in America and why it is about to explode here. This article can not and does not. CS recommends these articles, here, and here, and here, for a more complete view of the dangers of hyperinflation and economic collapse in the United States. In general, economic collapse in nations is brought on by two things: a long process of extraordinarily high inflation, or chronic governmental corruption + internal and/or external war that creates a supply shock. The US is presently close to neither of these.

Bottom line: Wisely prepare for the future, but don’t be taken in by anyone’s Chicken Little cries of impending doom. The boy who cried ‘wolf’ falsely predicted disaster so many times previously that no one listened to him when it really mattered.

16 Reasons People Are Leaving California By The Millions, Michael Snyder, Charisma

Common Sense Commentary: Are people really leaving CA by the ‘millions?’ This article is interesting, but hardly accurate when reporting the whole picture. According to this article CA actually experienced over 2.5% growth in the three years ending in 2014. This chart shows net migration between CA and other states through 2000 – but, it has been a while since CA’s net inflow was greater than its outflow, leading one to believe that the NY Times’ data includes immigrants and perhaps even illegal immigrants. These US Census state to state migration charts, though difficult to read, seem to show that CA’s population over the last 3 years is actually increasing.

Trump’s First War? Conflict With North Korea Looms, Michael Snyder, Charisma

Why Hoarding Food And Gold Will Not Help You In An Emergency, Tyler Watts, The Federalist

Short Videos

28th National Philippines Prayer Conference 2017 with Sadhu Selvaraj; Also see, this link, You Tube

Common Sense Commentary: Just two clips of the worship from the conference, in Manila, attended by 4000-5000 Filipinos from all over the nation. Later, Sadhu Selvaraj spoke specifically to under 30 Filipinos of their purpose as Warriors and Prophets to the nations, saying that of all the nations in the world the Philippines has the greatest destiny – with the exception of Israel, of course.

Russia Will Invade the U.S., Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Tru News?, 2014

Synopsis: Sadhu appears for the first time on Tru News and reports confirmation of his prediction by Neville Johnson, also speaking of what will happen to the nation that divides Jerusalem. God will judge America, but He will answer George Washington’s prayer and like a Phoenix, America will be redeemed and rise from the ashes. Washington’s vision, recounted as the end of the 15 minute podcast, is slightly inaccurate – analysis of it can be accessed here.

Russia Attacks and Invades U.S. Coasts, Ruby’s Table Talk

Synopsis: When Russia opens its gates and lets the masses go, that’s when the vision will unfold.

A Flight Attendant Sees Jesus During Surgery, Sid Roth

Man Comes Back From The Dead After Son Prays, Facebook/ABC

Hearing God’s Voice: Sheep and Goats, Sadhu Selvaraj, You Tube

Everyone is Wrong: The Rapture Will Not Come Before The Tribulation, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, You Tube

The Significance of the 2014-15 Blood Moons/Jesus Will Come Before 2067, Sadhu Selvaraj, You Tube

Common Sense Synopsis: A Tetrad of four blood moons that occur on Jewish Feasts Days with a Solar Eclipse has only occurred three times in the last 500 years. Sadhu discusses the significance of the most recent occurrence, and why it’s a fulfillment of Joel 2/Acts 2. The first 5-10 minutes of this link, from Sadhu, explains Tetrads and Blood Moons.



Shawn Bolz on Sid Roth: Hearing God’s Voice, You Tube

Common Sense Commentary: As a kid, Shawn Bolz and his parents were in John Wimber’s first home group. As a young boy he prayed for a woman who was healed. Later he founded Expression 58, a Los Angeles church. Shawn’s accurate prophetic ministry and gift is known worldwide today.

John Paul Jackson: His life, His deaths, His Prophecies About the US, Drought, Food Shortages, Expensive Water, Terrorism, and Obama, Sid Roth

Prophetic Headlines And How to Be Prepared For Crisis, John Paul Jackson
Includes: Tokyo Volcano that results in 7 million dead, 1 million missing

A Case For the Biblical View of Dreams, John Paul Jackson


Common Sense Interpretation


The Overlooked But Powerful Charismatic Gift No One Wants: Singleness, Kyle Winkler, Charisma

Common Sense Commentary: Well written and argued with some keen insights based on Biblical exposition and experience, a must read article. The gift lists in 1 Corinthians 12, 14, or elsewhere are not exhaustive.

Should We Believe The Prophets? 2017 Prophecies By The Prophetic Council, Steve Strang, Charisma

The #1 Objection to Prophecy Today: But Prophecy is not For Our Time, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense (coming)

The #2 Objection to Prophecy Today: If It Does Not Come True, It Is a False Prophecy Given by a False Prophet, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense (coming)


Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy: We need truth over tradition, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense


The Hook Interlocking Structure of Revelation, Seaborn Hall, Novum Testamentum
Synopsis: To understand the book, you have to understand the historical and literary context – this means that first we need to answer “How is the book outlined or structured?”


Review: Some of the Late Kim Clement’s Prophetic Words

See previous posts in Archives for this section.


Prophetic Words Prior To,

And Concerning, the Election

See previous posts in Archives for this section.

More Common Sense

Politics: Is the FBI’s Jim Comey An Idiot?, Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Culture: Will Mike Rinder’s Testimony Cause Scientology To Implode? Bethany Mandel, The Federalist; I Visited The Church Of Scientology: Here Is What Happened, Bre Payton, The Federalist

Money: Ponzi Schemer Who Hit Atlanta and Texas Churches Arrested, Jennifer LeClaire, Charisma

Music: Meet Ric Blair and The Celts, featured on PBS, The Grand Ole Opry, and appearing soon in a city near you.

Movies/TV: MovieGoers Prefer Movies With Strong Family Values, Dan Wooding, Breaking Christian News; ‘Bloodline’ on Netflix Exposes The Torture of Family Secrets, Seaborn Hall, The Federalist, Note: Bloodline’s third and final season will air on Netflix sometime in 2017.

Books: 8 Books To Help Your Spiritual Life, Jarred Wilson, Charisma; Understand Your Dreams Now, Doug Addison – Common Sense Commentary: One of the best introductions on dream interpretation around.

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