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What is this site about?

What is this site about?

This site is not about end times prophecy, per se, or about psychic phenomena. It is also not necessarily a predictive site. This site is about the supernatural in the spiritual.

This site reflects a cutting edge view towards spirituality and religion through the lens of the supernatural. It not only reflects the perspective seen in films like Miracles From Heaven, 90 Minutes in Heaven, and Heaven is for Real, but goes further in exploring the supernatural moves and presence of God in all parts of the world and the church. It approaches religion and spirituality from a dynamic and cutting edge perspective, both experientially and theologically. The overall perspective is Judeo-Christian.

Common Sense does not necessarily endorse all of the views of the authors or the entries on this site. CS does make an attempt to note where and if we differ by offering commentary and other interpretive comments, both in notes attached to entries and in a separate section, Common Sense Interpretation.

Common Sense recommends that you refer to the section Common Sense Interpretation either before or while accessing these and other entries on this site. Those in the world and the Christian church largely misunderstand the supernatural, prophecy and prophets today. This misunderstanding is not limited only to those outside of the charismatic, prophetic and prophetic renewal communities.

To those who are familiar with the prophetic, “Common Sense Prophecy” may seem like an oxymoron, that is, when God speaks it is rarely easy to understand. But common sense just means to apply grounded, practical understanding and application to something and CS believes that this applies and is actually much needed in the area of the prophetic.

All of the entries on this site are likely to be misunderstood and misapplied outside of the basic Biblical understandings represented in the Interpretation section of this site and outside of a full understanding of a prophetic person’s own explanation of his/her words. For a fuller explanation of this site and our sister sites, see About CS.