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Word on the Street: Jesus Appears to a Little Girl in Colorado

Word on the Street: Jesus Appears to a Little Girl in Colorado

A 3 1/2 year old girl, granddaughter to a Los Angeles Church member, told her grandmother that Jesus had walked into her room on one of the nights previous.

Upon questioning the little girl revealed what Jesus had told her:

Jesus was angry. People were being bad and they weren’t sorry for it. Therefore, Jesus was going to bring something bad to cause people to repent.

Upon further questioning the grandmother learned that Jesus was going to bring a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone Park that would result in many deaths.

The girl’s family had no history or education in supernatural experiences and had never visited or talked about Yellowstone Park. When the girl told her parents of her experience, they had not believed her.

Common Sense Commentary: Scientists do not expect a volcanic eruption at Yellowstone any time soon, and if there is one, it is not expected to be severe in nature. This link dispels some of the myths associated with Yellowstone eruptions.

This 2007 link discusses the likelihood and potential of Yellowstone eruption events. According to a quote, “Most of the national park and vicinity are sparsely populated, but significant numbers of people as well as park resources could nevertheless be at risk from these hazards. Depending on the nature and magnitude of a particular hazardous event and the particular time and season when it might occur, 70,000 to more than 100,000 persons could be affected; the most violent events could affect a broader region or even continent-wide areas.”